Haggling in English

In life, whether you love it or hate it, sometimes you need to haggle - you need to try to get a better price for something. Some people are natural hagglers, and even if you are, you can still learn some useful English expressions to help you get the best deal. 

Haggling is, of course, very common in many different cultures, and here in the UK people do haggle but they don't really do it in big shops: you might hear it, maybe, at a market – or, as we're going to hear – if you're buying something expensive like a second-hand car. 

Now, Rob is looking for a good deal. But will Neil – who's selling – be happy with the price? Let's listen. And while you do, listen out for a particular phrase – instead of saying 'could you sell it for...', what does Rob say? 

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[source : haggling lesson from BBC]

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